Toshiba RAV-SM566KRT-E / RAV-SM564AT-E (DI)

£932.00 inc.VAT

Toshiba RAV-SM Wall Mounted systems are available in Models RAV-SM566KRT-E and RAV-SM806KRT-E starting at £932.00 for a complete system including delivery.

The air conditioning systems are available with Digital and Super Digital Condensing Units. Digital Inverter (DI) is suitable for runs up to 30m and Super Digital Inverter (SDI) can accomodate pipework runs up to 50m.

The option to increase the Sensible Cooling capacity is an ideal choice for Server Rooms where the majority of heat gain is from computer equipment.

Product Attributes: 

Capacity (kw) Cool/Heat: 5.00 / 5.60

Max Pipework: 20

Power Supply: 16amp 1ph

Energy Label Cool/Heat: A+ / A+


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