Toshiba RAV-SM1106BTP-E / RAV-SM1103AT-E1

£1,953.00 inc.VAT

Toshiba’s range of Ducted Digital Inverter start with the 5.00kw RAV-SM566BT-E.

A DC Fan motor allows for high external static pressure to be overcome, whilst maintaining low noise levels.

At only 275mm high the fan coil unit can be accommodated in most ceiling voids and the versatility of alternative return air positions. An inbuilt pump is incorporated into the unit which can lift condensate up to a height of 290mm.

The Toshiba air conditioning systems displayed on this page have Digital Inverter Condensing Units, Super Digital Inverter >> and High Static versions of the fan coil unit are also available, please follow the links for more information.

Product Attributes: 

Capacity (kw) Cool/Heat: 10.00 / 11.20

Max Pipework: 50

Power Supply: 25amp 1ph

Energy Label Cool/Heat: B / A


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