Lumilife WiFi LED RGB Controller For Strip Lighting – iPhone / iPad / Android


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A breakthrough in LED Lighting technology, control your LED lights with your Smart Phone or iPad!! No need for a remote control!. Compatible with all of our LED Strip Tape and Transformer Range. Supports both Wifi control of iOS products (such as iPod, iPad, iPhone, iMac), and Android mobile devices such as Samsung, HTC, etc. . Built-in 20 fixed modes, infinite changes mixed by the three primary colours–red, green and blue. Conveniently small-sized and energy-efficient. Great little gadget!. Working voltage:           DC 7.5-24V  (we reccomend a 12v constant voltage power supply)Output current:              4A * 3Connecting method:     Common anode Remote distance: 50 Meters indoor, 100 meters outdoor Software:                        Android system(at least version 2.3 with WiFi function) or iOS system(version 4.3 or above) Receiver sensitivity:     802.11b DSSS(-5dBm), 802.11b CCK(-10dBm), 802.11g OFDM(-15dBm) Connect:                          V + R, G, B for LED light, V+, V- for power supply, ANT for wifi signal reception Product size:                  Approx. 9.3 * 4.5 * 2.2cm / 3.66 * 1.77 * 0.87in. Package includes:. 1 WiFi controller. 1 Antenna. 1 CD. 1 User manual . Easy to install. Simply sits between the transformer and the LED Strip Tape. NB: Transformer required.

Manufacturer: Lumilife