Lumilife Slim LED Strip to Wire Connector (Pack of 3) – Large Chip / Small Chip / RGB options

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No soldering required. This connector lets you connect strip lighting to wiring without the hassle of soldering. Just click open the flap, remove the protection tape, insert the strip and clip shut. The latest strip to wire connectors. These connectors are 20-25% smaller than older versions, making it easier to place strip lighting into profiles. They also provide a stronger grip to prevent connections from coming loose. 3 different options. You have 3 different packs to choose from:. 8mm connector for single colour 3528 (small chip) strip lighting. 10mm connector for single colour 5050 (large chip) strip lighting. RGB connector for multi-colour 5050 (large chip) strip lighting. Each connector comes in a pack of 3. Please note. Additional wiring not included. Wires required: 20AWG-22AWG. Technical information:. Working Voltage:DC3V-24V. Working Current:6A. Working Temperature:-20°~+75°

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