Lumilife LUMiLife LED Golf Ball Multipack – 3 Colours – 3 Balls

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These LUMiLife LED Golf Balls have internal LED lights and micro-batteries and allow you to play through the evening hours with this awesome glowing golf ball. Simply hit the ball and off you glow!Each LED Golf Ball has an 8 minute light timer activated by impact that resets after each hit. LED Golf Balls also have a glow in the dark Surlyn covering that makes the ball glow even after the LED lights have gone out! The sealed batteries in the LED Golf Balls have an estimated 40 hour battery life.These LED Golf Balls are everything you would expect from a professional quality ball with the added bonus of a spectacular bright glow effect!The LED golf balls are an official size and weight, 3 layer, 80 compression golf ball with a Surlyn cover – which means they are safe to play with all golf clubs – including drivers.

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