Lumilife LED Outdoor Fairy Lights – Silver Thread – 10m – Warm White

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These lights are far more versatile and stylish that standard fairy lights. They give a different feel and look as the LEDs are placed on thin wire, making the actual wire attractive not just the light. The style conscious will find these lights perfect to add subtle, chic lighting to their rooms. This model gives off a warm welcoming light, perfect for the cold winter nights. The pliable wire allow you to use these lights in a variety of ways, they are a great alternative to standard fairy lights on your tree. The wire is less visible so you just see the light rather than the cabling. Wrap them around objects for a striking affect all year round. Place them in a vase, hang them or you can even make them into a wreath. These lights can be used both in and outdoors which makes them even more multipurpose.

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