6.5 Watt – B22 – Filament GLS LED Bulb

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Warm white

Replaces 60W halogen. 806 lumens. 360 degree beam angle. Vintage design.

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Our brightest B22 filament lamp

This lamp beams vintage style, packing 806 lumens of light via an exposed filament reminiscent of the original Edison lamps that were popular in the industrial age.

You can replace 60W B22 equivalents and be confident that the brightness will be matched, with an increase in light quality.

It comes with an incredibly wide 360 degree beam angle that offers enhanced coverage and dispersed brightness.


As well as sporting a retro design, this 6.5W B22 is also retro-fit, which means it’ll seamlessly slot into existing B22 fittings.

Reliable and long lasting

LEDs are built to stand the test of time and this 6.5 Watt B22 is no different. It’ll deliver up to 25,000 hours of service, which is 20 times longer than standard light source.

Massive energy savings to be made

You’ll be surprised at how much you can save on simply replacing a light bulb.

If you were to switch a 60W incandescent or halogen lamp with this energy-saving LED, over the bulb’s lifetime you’d see approximately £200 worth of savings.

Think what you could save if you switched your whole home to LED.


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