New Power Meter Energy Monitor Esocket Plug-in KWH Watt Electricity Meter UK

Measures various parameters: power (W), energy (kWh), volts, amps, hertz, power factor and maximum power (W), time, days – kWh is vital as this is what your electricity bills are based on! Large, clear LCD display for easy reading(screen dimension: 45mm x 70mm). Cumulative Kilowatt-Hour Monitor. Calculates electricity expenses Electricity price setting by pressing COST, FUNCTION, UP and DOWN button according to the instructions Sets electricity price value which ranges 00.00COST/KWH ~99.99COST/KWH. Displays volts, .

LED bulbs sale from £3.99 GU10

GU10 LED bulb sale Product Description More lumens, less power Replace a 45W halogen with this 5W LUMiLife GU10 and benefit from big reductions on your energy bills. You’ll still enjoy the same level of brightness too, as this spot beams up to 330 lumens of light. Over a decade of use Designed to last 25,000 hours, this spotlight will give you approximately 11 years of service based on average use. This is 20-times .

Daikin Wall Mount Sale

Daikin Economy FTXB 2kW – 6kW £429.99–£749.99 inc.VAT The FTXB is one of a new range of economy wall mounted inverters from Daikin. This range includes a ‘titanium apatire photocatalytic’ air purifying filter for purer air, and an auto-swing mode for optimal air flow in the room. It also has a silent mode for reduced sound levels. Includes outdoor unit, indoor unit and remote control 3 year parts warranty

Great post on saving heating at home…

The winter freeze has just begun but before you turn up the thermostat take a moment to think… are you in control of your heating? It’s very tempting to turn the dial to 27°C and hope for the best at this time of year, but this will also trigger a massive energy bill. Do you know how to heat your home to a comfortable temperature and keep bills low? Well, heating controls are there .

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