8 Tips To Reduce Your Energy Bills

Normally when we think about reducing energy costs we think we will have to invest in a new boiler or solar panels etc. But did you know there are free things we can do to save energy in our home? Here are 8 free tips that can save you hundreds of pounds on your heating, gas and electricity bills.

Cut Costs on Heating


1. Cut costs, stay warm. You can save up to £60 a year just by turning your thermostat down by 1°C

Don’t switch your heating on and off for big bursts of heat, keeping your heating on a constant low heat can save you more money than putting your heating on the highest temperature for a quick warm up.

2. Wrap up. Wearing extra layers such as socks, jumpers and slippers around the house should stop the urge to turn your heating on. Put an extra blanket on the bed, or if you’re watching TV on the sofa go and grab a blanket and wrap up.

Cut Costs When Washing

machine 1

3. Don’t shrink your clothes, shrink your bills. 90% of your washing machines energy is used on heating the water. If you wash your clothes at 30°C you will save a significant amount of money throughout the year.

4. Hang up your washing. Don’t put your clothes on the radiators or in the tumble dryer. Air-dry your clothes outside or hang them up.

Cut Costs When Cooking


5. Use the right ring for the right thing. If you put a small pan on a big hob you can use up to 50% more energy. Make sure you use the right size and as a bonus your food can cook quicker.

6. Heat your home with your oven. When cooking your oven gets to really high temperatures, why waste this stored heat with a extractor fan? After cooking leave the oven door open and heat your home for free.

Cut Costs with appliances


7. Switch off and unplug. Make sure you unplug any appliances that aren’t in use, even phone chargers when not in use are using energy. Make sure you don’t leave things on stand-by, it may be easier but it’s a great way to waste energy and raise your bills.

8. Turn the lights off. If you’re not in a room there is no point in the light being on, make sure you only have the lights on in the room you are currently in.